Research and Development
Based in research

To ensure the ethical integrity of the trials, InnoWell procured the research services of The University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre to provide an independent Research and Development Group (R&D Group). The R&D Group leads the Project Synergy trials, in collaboration with a wide range of mental health service providers.

Collaborative testing

In collaboration with individuals, supportive others, health professionals, and service providers, the R&D Group tests the design, usability and functionality of the Synergy Online System to ensure it is customisable to best meet the needs of specific health providers and the individuals who use their services.

Real world studies

From the research trials, the tested Synergy Online System will then be put within specific health services studied in a real world context. The study aims to evaluate the impact of the Synergy Online System on individual user health and social outcomes and changes in service metrics (such as reduced wait times, improved access, improved patient outcomes). The results of these real world trials will help the R+D Group to further improve the Synergy Online System.

Current trials

The R&D Group is currently working in partnership with the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Centre, North Coast Primary Health Network headspace Services, and the Butterfly Foundation – ED HOPE, to trial the Synergy Online System. As well as testing functionality, the R&D Group will be examining the impact of the Synergy Online System in specific study areas including, culture (Indigenous and CALD); disability; and, technology-enabled suicide prevention and education.