“Lived experience, alongside clinical, professional, industry and academic experience is fundamental for co-producing service improvement.”

                     - Guiding principle agreed at the inaugural Lived Experience Advisory Board meeting, October 2017, led by the founding Chair and greatly missed Jackie Crowe. 

The voices of people who have a lived experience of mental health and their families, are at the centre of our work at Project Synergy. Lived experience informs and drives the design of our mental health research, product development and community engagements.


We believe that building together is better. We’re creating the InnoWell platform, a technology-enabled system which is being informed at every step by those who would use it - keeping their needs front of mind. This involves testing our system in research trials with people with a lived experience and their support people and families, the results of which will help us build a system that offers responsive, tailored support at any time; a digital solution to change the way mental health care is delivered.


To ensure that the voices of people with a lived experience is at the forefront, Project Synergy is advised by the Lived Experience Advisory Function (LEAF). The LEAF is a diverse group of people from across Australia who use their collective skills and experience to advise InnoWell and Project Synergy. While they come from all different walks of life, all members of the LEAF share Project Synergy’s goal to build a platform that improves the way Australians receive and experience mental health care.

The LEAF is made up of two complementary groups. The first group is a small working group of community leaders who meet monthly to co-design and lead InnoWell’s National Community Consultation activities and guide InnoWell to embed lived experience in their organisation in a meaningful and tangible way; the second group is a broader Panel of Lived Experience Champions who contribute their expertise to all of InnoWell’s projects.

The members of the LEAF represent lived experience, and do not represent the views of any specific organisation, political group or social agenda.


One of the core LEAF activities is driving a National Community Consultation plan over the duration of Project Synergy. The National Community Consultation has been designed to give the Australian public the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of the technology-enabled mental health services reform in Australia by sharing their insights, thoughts and experiences through in-person and online surveys, activities and participation workshops. It lets the Australian public tell InnoWell what matters most to them, so InnoWell can design a platform that effectively addresses the different needs of all Australians.


There will be many opportunities for people and communities to get involved in the work of InnoWell and Project Synergy.


If you want to get involved with Project Synergy or learn more about the Lived Experience Advisory Function, we’d love to hear from you! You can visit EngagementHQ to #drivechange and participate in our community consultation process, visit us on LinkedIn or send us an email at info@innowell.org


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