In loving memory of Jackie Crowe (1968 - 2017)
                                                               Founding Chair of the Lived Experience Advisory Board

Jackie Crowe was an exceptional human and a passionate advocate who worked tirelessly in mental health

A champion for people with lived experience, Jackie lead and drove InnoWell’s mission to ensure the voices of people with lived experience inform every step of the InnoWell journey. She was dedicated in her mission to create greater understanding, compassion and respect for people affected by mental ill health, and the families, friends and carers who journey with them.

Jackie was involved in mental health and suicide prevention issues in various advocacy, advisory, public speaking, research, consultancy and commissioner roles – at the local, state, national and international levels. Over many years, Jackie committed herself to creating a better world that values all people, social justice and ends discrimination. Her work was always grounded in the perspectives of people affected by mental ill health and suicidal concerns. She was always solutions-focused and had an unwavering, enthusiastic vision about what is possible.

Jackie combined her lived experience, understanding of the grass roots and knowledge of high level strategic policy and planning, with her familiarity with recovery and wellbeing to shift thinking about mental ill health and suicide.

Jackie led by example. Jackie never let her views go unaired. She took seriously her responsibility, and her privilege, to champion the rights of those who often don’t have a voice, particularly in the area of mental health. Her courage and conviction in doing what was right, not what was easy or traditional or commonly accepted, made her truly remarkable.

She advocated for equality, unity and compassion. She was a visionary leader who dismissed titles and labels. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the her dedication to the mental health space, and how much our team misses her wicked laugh and her bubbly presence.

Jackie has had a profound effect on all of us at InnoWell. May her unwavering commitment for positive change live on in those who knew her.

We go forward and do our best  to continue her vision and do her legacy justice.