For the InnoWell Platform to provide a seamless and engaging experience for individuals, health professionals and service providers, Project Synergy uses technology that is robust, flexible, scalable, operates in real-time and is accessible to large, diverse populations.

Security is one of the foremost focal points at Project Synergy. Project Synergy has engaged industry experts to formally review each product and the respective infrastructure on a recurring basis against best practice enterprise-grade security standards and has also appointed a Chief Information Security Officer to manage security policies and adherence.
The InnoWell Platform and Project Synergy comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and align with government guidelines issued by the Australian Signals Directorate (Essential 8 and Information Security Manual), and the ISO 27001, which provides the specification for information security management systems and is generally accepted as the industry standard.
Google Cloud Platform is the back-end infrastructure. Google’s commitment to global-first solutions enables Project Synergy to reach wide audiences quickly and reliably, whilst remaining compliant with policies such as the Australian Privacy Principles for sensitive health data.
Back-end code:
‘Ruby on Rails’ is the back-end technology. It provides a framework that is robust, secure, scalable, and battle-tested. Many websites (including Twitter, Airbnb, Bloomberg and Kickstarter) rely on Rails’ and importantly it is an open-source, convention-based framework with a large online community supporting it.
Front-end code:
To ensure all end users’ experience is real time, accessible and robust (particularly in areas of low Internet connectivity) GraphQL, Relay and React has been chosen. This is the same front-end technology Facebook uses to achieve an engaging, real time outcome.